Amberton University - Financial Information


Amberton University's tuition is among the lowest in the region and supplemental course fees are not charged. The tuition rate is the same regardless of academic level or method of delivery (lecture or distance learning). Depending on a student's payment method, tuition charges may be the only cost a student incurs, with the exception of course materials and textbooks.

Although Amberton does not participate in any Federal or State Financial Aid programs, payment plans are available to students who demonstrate financial integrity to the satisfaction of the University. Students have the options of paying for their courses at enrollment, making payments throughout the session, or making one payment by the last day of the session. Employer tuition assistance plans are accepted with proper documentation. Student accounts are subject to a monthly finance charge of 3/4 of 1%.

Payments can be made in the form of cash, credit card (M/C and VISA), money orders, personal checks, company checks or cashier's checks. All payments submitted to the University must be received in U.S. funds.

However, in the event a check is not honored by the bank on which it is written or a credit card authorization is rejected, the student will be immediately notified and assessed a handling fee. The student will be given 10 days to make the payment good. If payment is not made when requested, the student's entire account balance becomes due and payable and the student is subject to immediate suspension. The University reserves the right to specify what method of payment (personal check, cash, money order, etc.) will be required of each student. Excessive amounts of change or currency, non-local or two-party checks will not be accepted. The University does not cash checks for personal needs, accept checks that are postdated, or give cash back on checks that are for amounts greater than the amount owed.

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