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Learning Tips

There is usually an adjustment period for most students as they learn the patterns and procedures for taking online classes. Here are some tips for becoming more comfortable with the online environment:

Take time to review all help files and course materials available. When you walk into a classroom for the first time, the instructor gives you some tools to guide you through the rest of the session. These tools normally include a course syllabus, bibliography, and description of assignments, grading and evaluation criteria, as well as others. Online courses provide these same tools plus many more. Read all the information given in your course. Practice sending email through the system with attached files and ask questions as they arise.

Spend some time navigating through your class and making sure you can access all of the links and resources, such as the discussion forum and chat rooms. Practice posting to the course’s discussion forum and ask a fellow classmate to join you in the chat room for a practice session.

Manage your time. Time management skills are critical in an online class. Why? Because it is very easy to spend far too little time or far too much time on the class. Set designated blocks of time to work on assignments. This will help you stay current on your class and provide the interaction required in most online classes. A rule of thumb for classroom courses is that students can expect to spend four hours outside of the class working on content for every hour spent in the classroom. The same is often true of online classes as the competencies expected of students are the same whether you take the course in the classroom or online.

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