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The course presents an investigation of the recruitment, selection, maintenance, development, utilization, and accommodation of human resources by organizations.  Topics include cultural development, human behavior and organizational effectiveness, legal issues involving human resources, and applying relevant Federal laws and acts to the personnel management process.



  • Identifying the major personnel management processes.
  • Explaining the effect of the organizational climate on human behavior and organizational effectiveness with respect to the Equal Employment Act.
  • Evaluating organizational behavior in terms of justice, fairness, and consistency.
  • Understanding the legal issues involved in human resources and the importance of consistent practices in dealing with all employees.
  • Understanding the content and responsibilities of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.
  • Applying relevant Federal laws to the employment process.
  • Understanding the content and responsibilities of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
  • Understanding the content and impact of the Fair Labor Standards and its amendments on compensation and fringe benefits within the organization.
  • Articulating the importance of diversity management (domestically and internationally) in organizations.
  • Understanding the evolution of law relating to the union movement as well as the law’s changing emphasis.
  • Identifying and discussing ethical issues in personnel management.
  • Understanding how compensation impacts human resource management.
  • Understanding how benefits impact human resource management.
  • Identifying and discussing problems of bias and cultural development.
  • Comparing the various interactions that influence both leader and subordinate.
  • Explaining the effect of organizational policies and procedures on fairness.
  • Describing effective diversity management programs and principles.
  • Identifying the purpose of management and employee development programs.
  • Discussing the impact of union membership on personnel management practices.


Course Syllabi