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The course presents the relationship of government regulations on management decision-making. Consideration is given to such law applications as antitrust legislation, labor legislation, worker and consumer protection, and environmental protection.



  • Discussing the role of administrative law in business.
  • Identifying and discussing the purposes of a typical administrative agency.
  • Discussing the Grant of Authority of the Commerce Clause.
  • Discussing the relationship of federal and local regulation of commerce.
  • Discussing the employer-employee relationship as controlled by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1963, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and other laws.
  • Discussing the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act.
  • Discussing the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
  • Discussing the law and consumer protection.
  • Discussing the Common Law Contract and its enforcement.
  • Discussing the State Deceptive Trade Practice Act and consumer protection.
  • Discussing the unfair acts and deceptive practices prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission Act.
  • Discussing the warranties extended to consumers by the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Discussing the consumer protection from usury.
  • Discussing the Federal laws on credit.
  • Discussing activities prohibited by the Sherman Act.
  • Discussing the Clayton Act’s support of the Sherman Act.
  • Discussing the Robinson-Patman Amendment to the Clayton Act.

Course Syllabi