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The course presents a systematic framework for analyzing and evaluating the human resource management functions within an organization.  Topics include hiring, training, compensation, benefits, employee relation/labor relations, performance management, safety and health management.



  • Evaluating human resource management functions and responsibilities within 21st century organizations.
  • Formulating a benchmarking process comparing the business metrics and outcomes to industry standards or best practices.
  • Assessing human resource management activities such as forecasting requirements workforce availability analysis, and talent requirements needed by an organization.
  • Constructing job analysis and facilitating the job analysis process.
  • Analyzing the legal environment surrounding human resource management functions.
  • Identifying and critiquing recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Comparing and contrasting interview techniques and comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  • Analyzing the use of employment tests and demonstrating concepts of validity, reliability, correlation, and test validation procedures.
  • Analyzing the performance appraisal process, the methods used, and the problems encountered.
  • Illustrating the role of benefits and nonfinancial compensation in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees.
  • Assessing efforts in safety and health programs, employee assistance programs, health promotion programs and other efforts directed toward improving employee health and well being.
  • Distinguishing labor relations and the collective bargaining process.
  • Evaluating the strategic role for the human resources department and professional, reviewing the competencies necessary in anticipating and preparing for future business needs.
  • Formulating the steps in developing a base pay system, employee rates of pay and variable pay structures.
  • Summarizing the nature and importance of disaster preparation and recovery planning for Human Resources.
  • Comparing and contrasting selected human resource practices in the U.S. with those of other global countries.

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