Family Relations

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The course involves a study of contemporary family life from a Christian perspective and presents psychological and behavioral principles that are essential in building and maintaining healthy family relationships.



  • Understanding the value of Christian principles in building healthy family relations.
  • Identifying basic human needs from a Christian perspective.
  • Understanding the deepest meaning of love as illustrated by biblical images of divine love.
  • Discussing the family as a system, including family systems theory, and the traits of both dysfunctional and functional families.
  • Describing factors that influence mate selection.
  • Understanding the nature of marriage from a Christian perspective and the value of covenant to help maintain a healthy and lasting marriage.
  • Discussing the role of communication in the home.
  • Understanding healthy conflict resolution in the home.
  • Discussing the concepts of sex and healthy sexuality in the home.
  • Describing the role of parents and children in the home, based on Christian principles.
  • Discussing adolescence as well as common problems including alcohol, drugs, sex, social pressure, eating disorders, etc.
  • Discussing divorce and remarriage and their effects on the family.
  • Identifying the various forms of non-traditional families represented in today’s culture.
  • Discussing aging and its effects on family relations.
  • Evaluating how families are undermined by the “bondage to commodities,” and how to break free.
  • Discussing how churches should respond to the numerous challenges faced by families today.