Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

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The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling* is designed for persons interested in integrating faith and counseling to facilitate the helping relationship from a spiritual context. Ministers, church leaders, and church members seeking to minister to individuals, couples, and families in the local church and community will utilize this degree that provides coursework in counseling from a Christian perspective. The degree program is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes.

A graduate with a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling will be able to:

  • Develop a personal model of Christian counseling based on the integration of Christian principles with accepted counseling practices.
  • Integrate contemporary theory and research about human development in the practice of Christian counseling.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal issues pertaining to the practice of counseling.

The minimum requirements for a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling are:

  • 24 semester hours applicable to the degree must be completed at Amberton University.
  • 36 semester hours for a degree.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 is required.
*The MA in Christian Counseling does not lead to licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Students seeking a program with the academic requirements for L.P.C. licensure in the State of Texas should select the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling.

Degree Plan

I. Required Graduate Studies:3 Hours
RGS6035 Theory & Application of Research Methods 3 hours
II. Major Requirements33 Hours
A. Core Courses 15 hours
CSL6720 Christian Counseling 3 hours
CSL6730 Family Life Ministry 3 hours
CSL6740 Counseling Ethics 3 hours
CSL6801 Life Span Development 3 hours
CSL6860 Practical Experience in Christian Counseling 3 hours
HBD6767 Family Studies 3 hours
B. Counseling Electives 9 hours
Four courses selected from any CSL course except the following: CSL6829, CSL6839, CSL6840, CSL6845, CSL6850, CSL6855
C. Human Behavior & Development Electives:
(5000/6000 Levels)
6 hours
Totals:36 Hours