Fee Structure


$855.00 Per Course ($285 per credit)

This rate applies to undergraduate, graduate, in-state and out-of-state students, as well as lecture and distance-learning courses. Tuition is refundable based upon the Refund Policy and Schedule. 

Tuition Cost Calculator

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Specific Use Fees

Fees are assessed as a result of a student action or request and are not refundable.

Course Drop Fee (per each drop) $10.00
Credit Card Rejection Fee (per each occurrence) $25.00
Deferred Payment Fee (charged each session) $5.00
Duplicate Diploma Fee $15.00
Financial Records Search Fee $5.00
Graduation Evaluation Fee (accompanies graduation application) $125.00
Grade Change Fee $10.00
International New Student Processing Fee (accompanies admission application) $100.00
International Student Reporting Fee (charged each session) $25.00
Late Registration Fee (per each occurrence) $25.00
Library Fines (fine charges are progressive by days overdue)
Practicum & Pre-Practicum Fee see Course Schedule
Program Fee (per session enrolled) $10.00
Returned Check Fee (per each occurrence) $25.00
School Counseling Tech Fee (state mandated - one time fee) $35.00
Application fee - Portfolio (per course requested) $50.00
Portfolio fee (per course submitted) $200.00
Technology fee (per session enrolled) $25.00
Transcript Fee (per each transcript ordered) $5.00

*All charges are subject to change without notice if conditions make it necessary.

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