Google map of Amberton University's Garland Campus.
Amberton University's Garland Campus is located at 1700 Eastgate Drive, Garland, TX 75041.

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Google map of Amberton University's Frisco Campus.
Amberton University's Frisco Center is located at 3800 Parkwood Blvd, Frisco, TX 75034.

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Contact an Advisor

Our academic advisors, located in the Student Services Office, are here to help you with a variety of tasks including finding appropriate courses for your degree, accepting payments, and assisting with enrollment.

Phone Number:
EXT: x180 or x301 

Email Address:

Amberton Contact Information

Telephone Numbers

To reach any university area, enter this number plus the specific extension.

Questions regarding admission, registration, or advising:
Ext. 180

To order a free catalog and/or schedule:
Ext. 164

Student account inquiry:
Ext. 120

Library Resource Center:
Ext. 137

Directory Assistance:
Press 9

Fax Numbers

972.279.9773 (For business only, i.e. withdrawals, registration, etc.)

972.686.5890 (For submitting homework, notes to faculty, etc.)

Email Addresses:

To request a free catalog or schedule of classes, or for questions regarding marketing, advertising, or alumni services, send e-mail to:

Student Services Office
For questions regarding academic advising, degree programs, degree plans, registration, schedule changes, transfer of credit reports, transcripts, or job postings, send e-mail to:

Web Site/E-Course System

Business Services
Questions regarding student accounts, payment plans, billing, purchasing, and payroll, send e-mail to:

Library Services
For questions regarding research services and library assistance, send e-mail to:

Administrative Offices
For questions/comments to the President of Amberton University, please e-mail Dr. Melinda Reagan:

For questions/comments regarding administrative services, please e-mail the Vice President for Administrative Services, Mr. Brent Bradshaw:

For questions/comments regarding faculty and academic concerns, please e-mail the Vice President for Academic Services, Dr. Jonathan Schultz:

For questions/comments regarding student services or inquiries regarding the University's equal opportunity policy and non-discrimination, please e-mail the Vice President for Strategic Services, Dr. Jo Lynn Loyd:

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