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  • Guess what? School is going to be stressful. Going to school and working and keeping up with your responsibilities is going to be tough. You’re going to be overwhelmed. But guess what else? There are hundreds of stress management techniques that will help you through the grind. But guess what else? There are hundreds of stress management techniques that will help you through the grind.

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  • Before you start your first round of college courses, sit down and write a letter to yourself to read when you graduate. Write down what you expect to take from your time in school. You’ll be surprised at how much more you actually end up learning about yourself and your field of study.

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  • Paying for your education doesn’t have to be a scary undertaking. At Amberton University, our pay-as-you-go system allows students to graduate without any debt. However, for those who need to take advantage of student loans, we make navigating the financials as simple as possible.

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  • Many companies across many different industries incorporate project managers into their day-to-day operations and business models. They need a jack of all trades—someone who can analyze a problem, effectively strategize how to solve it, skillfully manage a team to execute the plan, and communicate efficiently to all players involved.

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  • Simply skating through college and getting the work done isn’t anyone’s idea of a great college experience - traditional student or otherwise. If you just want to tread water and get a piece of paper in the end, maybe college isn’t for you. As an adult learner, it’s safe to say you probably want to thrive and grow during the course of your college career.

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  • One of the most invaluable skills you can possess professionally and during your education is one of time management. It’s a buzzword, to be sure. And in the world of a working adult returning back to school, excelling in the art of time management is crucial.

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