A Guide for Your Family

You dutifully undertake extra responsibilities at home. You’re a steadfast support, homework checker and study buddy. You’re the piece that really completes the whole puzzle. And you are appreciated.

Generally, the families and support systems of students aren’t recognized until graduation day. Sometimes in the grind of starting and completing a college education, the focus is so dialed in on the student, the importance and vital support from the family can be overlooked or even taken for granted. So, on behalf of your student, and in advance, you’re the best.

You’re the best because you’re going to deal with a lot, and will still hold it all together.

1.  Be understanding

Supporting your spouse’s decision to go back to school seems like it might be a one-time decision, but you will have to wake up each morning and choose to be understanding. You might even have to make that decision multiple times a day. Going back to school is stressful and can be intimidating. Be reassuring of your partner’s capabilities and understanding of the feelings, emotions, and the responsibilities they’ve undertaken. You are the lighthouse in the storm.

2.  Allow them to focus

Stepping up to the plate and shouldering more responsibility at home so your spouse can buckle down on their studying and school work will make all the difference in your spouse’s academic success. Ultimately, academic success will result in professional success that will benefit your family for years to come.

3.  Celebrate the accomplishments

The best part of being a fan is watching your team win. The best part of being a spouse when your partner is in school is seeing them get an A, pass the class, graduate, and just be excellent overall. Break out those pom poms, boys and girls! Celebrate those achievements! Remind your spouse you are proud of their accomplishments - no matter how small they might be.

4.  Stay connected

School is in session and everyone is busy. Dedicate yourself to making time to regularly connect with your spouse. It’s a running theme for any married couple - make time for each other, date your spouse, communicate. But it’s worth repeating. Stay anchored in your relationship. Don’t allow the research papers, presentations, and finals to completely takeover your lives.

5.  Remember it’s only for a season

College won’t last forever. Eventually your spouse will complete the graduation requirements and earn their degree. The routine will shift again and you’ll be living more of the way you did before they enrolled. You’ll have made it through the hardship together. Seasons are temporary, and even though you might not know exactly when graduation day will be, it will come. When it’s harder to choose to be supportive, remember it’s just a short season of life.

You are special. You are valued. And when graduation day comes at Amberton, it’s as much about you as it is about your student spouse. So put on your game face, and rock this school experience together.

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