Classes in the Summertime

July is the Saturday of summer. It’s wonderful and a prime time for some outdoor fun with your friends and family. It’s also a little tempting to let your motivation slip a bit during the summer months.

At Amberton, you’ve reached the halfway point in your summer term courses in July. Don’t allow the summertime to distract you from the ultimate goal of graduating. Stay focused and motivated!

1. Power through

Sometimes you just have to buckle down and get things done. Classes during the summer might be one of those instances where you just have to find the will to succeed. It’s Texas, it’s hot, you’re going to want to take a dip in the pool. Go ahead! As long as you’re remaining productive during your dedicated study sessions, it doesn’t matter where you’re doing it. Enjoy the weather! Just don’t allow the weather and the summer fun zap you of your drive to finish strong.

2. Stick to the schedule

It seems like summer has a way of bringing out the unexpected. Plans go out the window and everything seems more spontaneous. It’s important during your summer term courses that you maintain your schedule and dedicated study sessions. Don’t allow your schedule and tasks to slip.

3. Alter the routine

A schedule and a routine aren’t the same thing. If your routine is to study or do your homework in your home office or at the dining table, switch it up! Tweaking your routine can have an impact on your motivation levels. Research suggests changing your environment can give you a boost and some pep.

4. Indulge in small summer pleasures

Never underestimate the power of an ice cream cone. Is there really anything better than simple rewards? Enjoying the small offerings of summer while completing your coursework is an easy way to keep your motivation strong.

Nontraditional students such as yourself don’t have the luxury of taking summers off. It’s prudent to reach your graduation requirements sooner than later. The heat of summer doesn’t have to distract you from the goal or deplete your motivation. Remember, when you continue to work, you’ll stay on top of your game.

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