Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Working through school and getting to graduation day is no easy task. It can be incredibly daunting at times. The good things in life don’t come easy and they aren’t cheap. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears along the path to every person’s goal.

Nevermind that being a working adult student is difficult enough, what do you do when college isn’t easy?

1. Stay in contact with your professor

It’s important to build a professional relationship and rapport with your instructors. They are assets who genuinely care about your educational and professional successes. Make sure you’re communicating throughout the semester.

If you’re struggling with an idea or principle, reach out and ask questions. Seek out clarification not just for the benefit of your grade in the course, but for the knowledge and insight you’ll be able to fall back on in the workforce. Your instructors want you to take as much from their courses as you can.

2. Remember why you’re in school

It’s important not to lose sight of the things happening throughout your journey. While the destination is the goal, the lessons and teachings are what make the degree hold weight. You are in school to learn and to earn your degree. You are not in school to stress yourself out and be miserable. The stress is temporary and the memory of it will fade with time.

Focus on the positive. Focus on the steps you need to take to get to your good thing -- your goal, your degree.

3. Take a break

When you’re feeling burned out and overwhelmed, make time for yourself. This cannot be reiterated enough. Mental well-being is incredibly vital to being the best you can and producing the best work you can. Studies show that taking a step back from work can improve our overall brain function and increase the quality of work we’re producing. Now, if that looks like a 10-minute coffee break when you’re studying or a weekend camping trip while you’re on a work and school marathon, it’s your call, based on your need.

Ultimately, we appreciate the things we had to work for. The value of sweat equity is incalculable. Soon, you will have the degree and the benefits associated with completing your education. Like Robert Frost's message in his poem, The Road Not Taken, sometimes the hardest roads lead to the best destinations. So leave your fears behind, walk confidently in your abilities as a student, and embrace the adventure that is college. You will make it to your good thing -- and that will make all the difference.

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