Handy Tips to Starting Your Semester Right

Don’t let the stresses of starting back to school get you down. Focus on making this the best year yet and putting yourself in the best position to succeed. As we gear up to start another semester at Amberton, here are a few tips to get off on the right foot.

1. Get organized now

Your future self will thank you for establishing good habits and for making sure you’re organized right out of the gate. Know your schedule and set your routine now. When you’re juggling school in addition to your regular responsibilities, you have to deliberately make time to study.  

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to create class-specific folders on your computer. If you haven’t already adopted the practice of keeping notebooks for each class, you are missing out on a simple, yet game-changing organizational skill.

2. Take good notes

Have you ever thought you understood an idea or concept in a lecture only to sit down to work on your assignment and have no idea what is going on? Let’s make this scenario worse: Your notes are sparse and can’t help you.

Even if you seem to be grasping the information your professor is conveying, write everything down. It’s been proven that listening in addition to note taking reinforces learning. Recording information allows you to focus and reflect on the material later.

Be engaged and present in your lectures. Pay attention and ask questions.

3. Stay on top of your readings and assignments

Complete assignments on time. Complete the readings for each lecture topic. These are small commitments that will prepare you for the principles your instructor will be presenting for the week while providing insight to engage in class. If you’re making the baby steps, you’ll be ready for the final and the subsequent courses.

Don’t cram for the exam. You won’t be successful. Even if you pass the test, you won’t retain the information you’ve regurgitated. By continually investing in your coursework, you’ll make the most of your time spent during the semester.

4. Make connections with your peers and professors

College is a prime opportunity for networking for the professional world. As a working adult student, you already understand the value of relationships and connections. The people in your classes are not only similar professionally, they’re also like-minded in their drive to further their education. Having quality allies in your network is truly invaluable. Building lasting ties to your classmates and professors is a valuable investment in your future.

5. Make health a priority

That secret weapon for making it through the semester--your health. Maintain a healthy lifestyle even while you’re seemingly burning the candle at both ends. Get regular sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, take vitamins, and stay active. It cannot be overstated, you have to maintain yourself in order to maintain your grades and reach your goals.

6. Schedule “me” time

That other secret weapon to a successful semester--your mental health. That’s a huge component! Don’t lose yourself in the mass of research papers and textbooks. Set aside time to decompress and focus on anything other than school or work.

It’s go-time. Get set for this semester! We know you can succeed--you WILL succeed. And we’re here to cheer you on. You can do it! 

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