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Not all investments are created equal. Brand new cars depreciate the second you pull off the dealer lot. Stock values can bounce up and down. Your education is certainly an investment. And even the return on that investment can vary.

As you research and consider which school to enroll in, evaluate the tuition cost, faculty credentials, academic rigor, and job placement after graduation. Your education is an investment in your future. And the return on that investment can vary depending on your location, economic up-turns and downturns, and your chosen career field.  You’re definitely going to feel comfortable with Amberton’s status when you’re assessing these factors before choosing a college.

No matter what college you choose, you should expect to receive a quality education and the skills necessary to perform competently in your chosen career. Generally, you expect to receive a quality education to earn your degree and the ability to perform competitively in the workforce. You also expect post-graduation support. That’s what you’re paying for. But there are colleges that offer things beyond the basic expectations. Who doesn’t love that extra attention’?

At Amberton, one of the biggest bonuses is the enthusiasm our professors have for your education and success. “I am passionate about higher education because it puts students in a position to explore their passions, to challenge their ideas, and to reach their full potential, thereby allowing them to positively affect their families, workplaces, and communities.” Dr. Adam Guerrero, Associate Professor said.

As a nonprofit university, Amberton can focus solely on the educational needs of the student instead of operating to complete numerous goals. “You have faculty, staff, administrators all working harmoniously together for the benefit of that student,” said Amberton Business Professor Dr. Steven Tidwell.

Amberton is a specialized institution designed to meet specific educational needs of mature students. We tailor the schedule, experience and the curriculum for you. You can be confident that Amberton is committed to the continuous transformation of the educational process in direct response to the needs of the student and the community. We want to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the working adult.

“The faculty has a lot of experience and years with the disciplines that they teach. And our students - most of them are working students, when they bring workplace issues to us, we can always help them,” said Academic Dean and Business Professor, Dr. Deborah Hill.

Together, we create personal growth and transformation that will last a lifetime! And that is the greatest bonus you can receive from your investment in your college education.

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