The MBA Advantage

There are a few magical letters in the world. Everyone generally likes the letters y-e-s. In baseball, it’s all about RBI. The military implements acronyms like they’re going out of style. The all-important letters in business are MBA.

But is it necessary to have an MBA to further your career? Well, it’s not a yes or a no. It’s a maybe - depends on your goals and your circumstances.  

A career is a long-term concept. You will commit roughly 45 years to a career. That leaves room for considerable growth and potential for numerous promotions. Investments made in your education, training and even your network take time to mature and reap benefits. Your education is about improving the overall career journey, not just one step.

An MBA probably won’t get you an immediate promotion, but it will make a statement about who you are. No, you’re not defined by your education or your credentials. But an MBA or an advanced degree speaks to your work ethic and your dedication to excellence. An MBA gives others insight into how you’ll function in the workplace.

Having an MBA also provides flexibility. By building upon the foundational disciplines of economics, finance, management and marketing, doors can open to a variety of industries. Best practices can translate to other commerce and are shared with other high-level executives.

If you are entrepreneurial or have aspirations of holding any type of leadership role within a corporation, an MBA would be beneficial in helping you achieve your goals.

Having an MBA isn’t a magical cure-all. You won’t be guaranteed smooth sailing for the rest of your career. But it can be an ace in the hole. If you have questions about how Amberton’s MBA program can work for you, feel free to contact our advising staff today!

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