How to Find Success After Graduation

Graduation is bearing down. Completing your studies and walking across the stage to receive your degree is incredibly rewarding and is an accomplishment anyone should be proud of!

But what’s next? How do you make the most of your education and find success in life after school?

1. Stay true to yourself.

Your goals and dreams are yours. You’re passionate about ideas and causes that might not resonate with others. You have talents and skills that are uniquely your own, and honed by your own experiences and background. In the same vein, how you deem yourself successful is based on your own definition of success and fulfillment.

If your viewpoint of success is to land a well-paying job downtown, go out and conquer! Make sure you have all your ducks in a row for your portfolio—résumé, cover letter, references, and work samples. You know the drill.

But keep in mind the journey to the top is winding, and takes time. Remain patient. Stay calm. Your degree and your résumé will get your foot in the door, it’s up to you to show the corporate world you are knowledgeable, you are prepared, you are capable, and you are unstoppable. Excellence is a series of small things consistently done well.

And if your picture of success is you looking amazing in your cap and gown—congratulations! You are a role model, and have much to be proud of!

No matter how you define success, recognize that you will always be a student and will always have opportunities to grow and discover. And be patient in the journey.

2. Have a game plan.

It’s cliché, but true—there’s no road map for success. But you’d better have a game plan and a sense of direction. Any sports fan knows a good game plan brings in every tool and trick play.

  • Make sure you have a mentor. When the days of submitting applications get long, lean on them and glean professional wisdom. Learning from the experiences of others is invaluable, and may save you from unnecessary struggles and pitfalls. Individuals who have worked their way through the corporate ladder know more than you, and more than likely, they’re willing to impart their knowledge to you if you just ask.
  • Networking cannot be overstated. Building your own relationships and leveraging the alumni network open up opportunities you may not have seen coming your way. Of course, there’s the added bonus of having an advocate on your side within companies and around clients you’re working with.
  • Be flexible in your game plan and leave room for adjustments. The road is unknown. Use perceived detours to hone your skills and discover more ways to apply the knowledge and tools you already possess. You will develop into a more well-rounded professional and will ultimately have more to offer as you move through your career.


3. There’s not a cookie cutter experience.

In school, the expectations on how to earn an A are clearly defined in the syllabus; some professors might even provide a rubric for projects and assignments to detail how your work will be assessed. As most adults know very well, that doesn’t exist in the real world.

One of the toughest lessons to learn and to remember is that what worked for one person to realize their dreams and achieve success will more than likely not work for you. And that’s ok. Stay persistent and remain true to your own dreams and goals. You’ll forge your own path and it will be glorious.

When you start college courses as an adult, you’re already a weathered veteran. You possess working skills and professional knowledge. At Amberton, students graduate with refined technique and improved skills that add to your value as an employee.

Click for a video of Dr. Di Ann Sanchez explaining how Amberton graduates have a leg up on their journey to success after college.

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