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With new industries developing at breakneck speeds, as entrepreneurs and innovators race to turn the next elevator pitch into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, a business degree serves as a invaluable springboard into an ocean of opportunity. Students looking to become leaders in virtually any sector can benefit from obtaining a BBA or MBA from Amberton University.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts accelerated employment growth in business and financial occupations, adding nearly 600,000 new jobs over the next decade. A business degree prepares students to capitalize on this explosive growth by providing them with a solid foundation of general business courses that they can apply directly in fields such as budget analysis, accounting, management, finance and more.

When you earn your Bachelors or Masters of Business Administration at Amberton University, you’ll participate in a flexible program designed to meet the needs of working adults, and help them achieve their career goals. Our general business degree, for example, is recognized by corporations as a highly versatile degree plan, and can be completed 100% online. Because of this, many of our alumni have managed to balance work, family, and school, going on to become leaders in their own organizations, with some going so far as to directly attribute the keynote of their career advancement to obtaining their business degree from Amberton University.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates? 

Still wondering whether a career in business is right for you? There are certain traits that every good business leader possesses. These include:

  • · Self-awareness. A good business leader needs to be self-aware and understand their weaknesses and strengths. 
  • · Enthusiasm. For people to want to follow you, you must lead with enthusiasm. As a business professional, you will often be responsible for showing your employees and others around you what a true commitment to greatness looks like. 
  • · Integrity. Integrity is about doing the right thing and standing for your values. Having essential qualities in a business leader is central to a company’s culture. 
  • · Knowledge. A successful career starts with a solid education, and education will continue to be an integral part of your life if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. 

What Industries Can This Be Applied To? 

If you enjoy the professionalism of big business, have a burning desire to lead, and want the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, consider a business administration degree or business management degree from Amberton University.

Our accelerated courses and affordable tuition help eliminate the barriers between the student and the degree they will earn, helping guide them down the path toward the career they deserve. The question then becomes not what you can do with a business degree, but what earning a business degree from Amberton University can do for you. 

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