Master's Degree Guide: Which Program is Right For You?

2020 Masters Degree Guide

The decision to obtain a master’s degree shouldn’t be taken lightly. Completing a master’s program requires dedication and hard work, but those who commit to the task will be rewarded with a valuable return on their investment. 

Amberton University offers a wide variety of degree programs, including some of the most useful master’s degrees available with valuable career paths. Because all of our programs are affordable, flexible and create exciting opportunities,serious adult students looking to build upon their baccalaureate will find it possible at Amberton.

Explore our varied master’s programs and decide where your career is headed from here.

Masters Programs in Counseling and Therapy

For the profound listeners and those who want to make a difference in people’s lives, counseling is a rewarding career path. Amberton’s Master of Arts programs in counseling ensures students leave with a cognitive knowledge of counseling theories and concepts and practical application.

Each of our programs emphasize a different discipline and can lead to careers in specific counseling fields:

Due to the interpersonal nature of these programs, these degrees require in-class work and cannot be completed 100% online. Graduates from these programs are equipped and prepared to serve the community in which they specialize. Before delving into a Counseling degree, determine which segment is the best fit for your interests, background and ambitions. The Master of Arts in School Counseling has special admission requirements.  Please see the website for more information.  All three programs provide the academic requirements for licensure in the state of Texas.  Only residents of Texas who can attend on-ground classes will be considered for admission into these programs.

Master of Science – Family Studies


Closely aligned with the human behavior discipline, a Master of Science in Family Studies (including a specialization in Christian Counseling) focuses on family interactions with an interdisciplinary approach. Studying crisis management, family enrichment and other social services prepares students for careers that can span industries, including religious institutions, day care programs or assisted living facilities. Unlike the Masters in Counseling, these programs are offered in both classroom lecture and distance learning models.  The Master of Science in Family Studies does not lead to licensure.


A Master of Business Administration is a common advanced degree, as it has instant real-world value. Many working professionals earn an MBA to increase their advancement opportunities with the company they work for. Our distance learning opportunities mean that getting your MBA at Amberton is attainable.

Our MBA programs available include:

  • General Business
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Accounting

Although each program has an individual focus, all programs will teach students the fundamentals of economics, finance, management and marketing. Graduates go on to succeed in a multitude of leadership settings, including small business, corporate environments and consulting. 

Master of Science

The MS programs at Amberton are developed to further current careers while adding vital skills to the working professional’s toolbox. These business-focused degrees are meant to help students develop communication skills while they study management, human behavior and other tailored disciplines. 

The Master of Science degree programs include:

Not only will these master’s programs develop the student’s individual strengths, they will also teach them how to help others do the same. The MS programs at Amberton are flexible and include distance learning options.

The highly versatile and flexible master’s programs at Amberton University are tailored to the lives and ambitions of working adults. With degrees that cater to a multitude of industries and career paths, there is a course of study that will help aspiring students reach their goals. Apply today.

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