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  • There are a few magical letters in the world. Everyone generally likes the letters y-e-s. In baseball, it’s all about RBI. The military implements acronyms like they’re going out of style. The all-important letters in business are MBA.

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  • Not all investments are created equal. Brand new cars depreciate the second you pull off the dealer lot. Stock values can bounce up and down. Your education is certainly an investment. And even the return on that investment can vary.

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  • Making the decision to go back to school is nothing to be taken lightly. You’re investing a lot of time, money and sweat into completing your degree. Ask yourself these five questions to figure out if it’s the right move for you.

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  • Everyone knows how traditional classes work. You attend lecture, see your professor and fellow students face-to-face, and turn in hard copies of your assignments. But what about online courses? How do those work?

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  • The economy is strong and expanding right now. But we all know that - at some point - what goes up, must come down. Eventually, it will cycle back into a recession. What does that mean for you, the prospective student? Should you take the plunge and invest time and money into a degree? Nothing is guaranteed, but there are career fields that provide stability when the economy inevitably contracts.

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