Spotlight: General Business

You’ve made the determination you’re ready to start a new adventure. It’s time to go back to school and get your degree. But now what?

What are your passions and goals? Where do you want to end up?

If you’re seeking flexibility and versatility, a general business degree could be the best choice for you. A general business degree is widely recognized by corporations as the most adaptive of the various degree plans. Graduates are prepared for careers where broad business knowledge and understanding are combined with effective problem-solving skills.

“If an individual wants to learn about management and leadership, this is the place because you have faculty, staff, administrators all working harmoniously together for the benefit of that student,” said Amberton Business Professor Dr. Steven Tidwell.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree provides a solid core of general business courses while providing maximum flexibility in program design to meet career goals of working adults. You will graduate with the confidence that you are equipped with broad business knowledge and the ability to meet career challenges head-on. 

“The faculty has a lot of experience and years with the disciplines that they teach. And our students - most of them are working students, when they bring workplace issues to us, we can always help them,” said Academic Dean and Business Professor, Dr. Deborah Hill.

The job market is competitive. It’s a simple reality of the world we live in. Make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful professionally. A general business degree will provide you with the technical and cognitive skills to remain relevant in contemporary business practices and issues. Be versatile and adaptable. Have the understanding of how to leverage various skill-sets to the needs of your niche and market.

Make your educational experience work for you! Adult students are incredibly invested in their education. As a school that understands what it takes to successfully graduate from college while juggling adult responsibilities, Amberton supports you, encourages you, and is with you.

Hear from one of Amberton’s professors here.

Connect with an advisor at Amberton University to determine the right path for you! You’ve already conquered the first step of your higher education journey. Time to see where it leads.

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