Undergraduate Specializations Enrich Your Career

Amberton University is proud to offer a variety of specialization programs, both for students already pursuing degrees with us and for students who are interested in smaller, standalone fields of study. These programs are typically four-course, 12-credit units that you can undertake online. Many of our pupils add specialization programs in addition to their degree programs to expand and sharpen their professional skills, or to make themselves more competitive in the job market. Often, professionals who are already working in these fields utilize our specialization programs as opportunities for ongoing education and professional development. Most of the specialization programs we currently offer are graduate level, including specializations in diversity awareness, human resource management, and executive leadership. However, we also provide three undergraduate specializations at Amberton University.

The Undergraduate Specializations at Amberton University

Our three undergraduate specializations include programs in business management essentials, executive communication skills, and project management. We also offer slightly more in-depth and advanced versions of two of these three programs (executive communication skills and project management) on the graduate level. When it comes to our undergraduate specializations, students typically complete them in conjunction with one of the university’s seven undergraduate degree programs. 

Please read below to learn more about our undergraduate specializations.

  • Specialization in Business Management Essentials – Undergraduate

This program is geared toward both business majors and non-business majors to establish a foundation in business management. Students will learn many key business skills that are transferable to many fields and jobs, including management skills, marketing strategies, accounting and finance processes, and more. The program, as with our other specializations, is made up of four courses and 12 credit hours. Three of the courses—BUS3310 Competitive Analysis, BUS4113 Accounting & Finance for Managers, and BUS4113 Accounting & Finance for Managers—are required for any student enrolled in the program. You can earn the last four credit hours through one of two courses: BUS4110 International Business or MGT4174 Personnel Management.

  • Specialization in Executive Communication Skills – Undergraduate

This program is designed to give students a broad understanding of critical communication skills that are vital for any corporate leadership role. Verbal and non-verbal forms of communication are both focuses, as are topics such as effective communication in group settings and how to use communication both internally and externally. The 12 credit hours for the specialization comprise four courses: COM4405 Persuasion, COM4407 Nonverbal Communication, COM4445 Public Relations, and COM3469 Managerial Communication. The specialization is available in conjunction with three of our undergraduate degree programs, including the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Development, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Human Relations & Business.

  • Specialization in Project Management – Undergraduate

This specialization program will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the essential skills, techniques, and concepts of successful project management in an organizational setting. The program is an introduction, with our graduate-level specialization program in project management providing a more thorough exploration of these competencies. Courses include MGT4501 Project Scope & Quality Management, MGT4502 Project Cost & Contract Procurement Management, MGT4503 Project Risk & Schedule Management, and MGT4504 Project Stakeholder & Communication Management.

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