About the Library Resource Center

Organization and Development

The Library Resource Center (LRC) meets patron needs through the development of a curriculum-based collection of print and non-print materials. The Center provides resources to students through two collections: physical, campus-based holdings and electronic resources via Amberton's website. The Library Resource Center's professional staff provides assistance to students and faculty for all the Center's resources through orientation programs, research training, document delivery, and reference assistance.

Campus-Based Resources

The physical LRC contains an extensive specialized collection of research materials that support the degrees and courses offered at Amberton University. In conjunction with the faculty, the Center continually identifies and acquires new print resources and audiovisual materials for meeting faculty and student needs. The Library Resource Center houses reference materials, including books, journals, indexes, and abstracts. Patrons use the on-line public access catalog system to search the circulated collection. A technologically advanced computer lab, available to currently enrolled students, is located in the Center. The lab is designed for conducting on-line research through the University's high-speed data connection.

On-Line Resources

The LRC on-line resources can be accessed from a link located at the top of every page on the University's website. These resources provide links to many electronic databases, on-line journals in both full-text and abstract format, as well as electronic books. Users can search the University's holdings through the on-line public access catalog system in addition to the vast amount of information available through the Internet. All students, whether visiting on-campus or connecting remotely, can access TexShare indexes, area libraries, search engines, research tutorials, and information about library services.

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