Glossary of Library Terms

CLASSIFICATION the arrangement of knowledge into specific groups or systems. Amberton Library uses the Dewey Decimal classification system.
CLIENT a computer (or more specifically, a software application such as a browser) that uses resources provided by another computer (the server).
COOKIE a set of information (such as login, registration, shopping cart, or user preference information) sent by a Web Server program to a Web Browser. The Browser software saves the cookie information and sends it back to the Server along with any additional requests to the Server. The cookie enables the Server to customize information sent back to the user, keep a log of the user's requests, or gather other information about the user.
CURSOR on the display screen of a computer, the small lighted rectangle, arrow, or other symbol that indicates where the next character will appear.
DATABASE an organized collection of records containing data (citations, statistics, text, etc.) that can be searched and retrieved. The library catalog or periodical indexes are examples of databases.
DEWEY DECIMAL CLASSIFICATION a call number system used to classify and organize material in libraries. The Dewey Decimal system is based on ten primary categories with each category being further subdivided into more narrow and specific topics.
ELECTRONIC BOOK books that are available in digital format. The advantage of having the book accessible via the Web is that you don't have to come into the library to read it. The books may also be searched by keyword.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Many Internet sites, such as organizations' web sites and USENET discussion lists, provide a FAQ. Newcomers are encouraged to read the FAQ before posting questions to avoid unnecessarily repetitious discussion.
FAVORITES the Internet Explorer version of a bookmark.
FIELD in a database, the part of a record reserved for a particular type of data; for example, in a library catalog, author, title, ISBN, subject headings, etc. would all be fields.

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