How to Register for Classes

Enrollment Dates:

Registration Dates: Nov 1 - December 6, 2018

Classes Start: Dec 8

  1. Apply to Amberton

    If you haven't yet applied to Amberton University, please complete either the online Application for Admission or download the following Application for Admission PDF file.

    Download the Application Form (PDF)
  2. Review Degree Plan

    Review your degree plan in the eCourse Portal or Contact an Advisor to review your degree plan with you.

  3. Select Courses

    Review the upcoming session's Schedule of Classes for courses being offered, location, and the delivery method. In our Online Course Guide, you can read the course description, competencies taught in the course and review the course syllabi. You can also review a Courses Available list of currently closed or nearly closed courses. This list is typically updated daily during registration.

    View Schedule of Classes
    View Course Guide
  4. Enroll

    Download and complete the Enrollment Request Form. It can be returned to the University by email, fax or in person at the Garland Campus or the Frisco Center. This form may also be submitted with your Application for Admission.

    Download the Enrollment Request Form (PDF)
  5. Finalize your Enrollment

    An enrollment packet consisting of a Registration Information form and financial documents will be mailed to you. Sign the Registration Information form, make a payment or complete the Payment Deferral Agreement to finalize your enrollment. Your registration will be subject to cancellation if the forms and payment arrangements are not received by the deadline. You should receive a confirmation of registration by mail within five (5) working days.

  6. Schedule Changes 

    If you need to withdraw from a course or enroll in an additional course, you will need to complete the University's Change of Schedule form. This form can be submitted by email, fax, or in person.


Late Registration

Students who do not complete the registration process before the first day of the session may enroll during late registration. A $25 late fee is applied and enrollment is confined to lecture classes that have not yet met and for available distance learning courses.