Dr. Chris Bedard

Dr. Chris Bedard

Associate Faculty

I am passionate about helping others learn, develop, and use their gifts in the areas of counseling and therapy.

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • Master's Marriage and Family Studies

    - Abilene Christian University

  • M.S., Christian Education

    - Abilene Christian University

  • B.S., Youth & Family Ministry

    - Abilene Christian University

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)

"Teaching is about knowledge meeting experience..."

My Unique Approach to Education

I have always been a learner.  Much of my life has been about learning from my own experiences and allowing those experiences to shape my path.  Teaching is about knowledge meeting experience in the crucible of the classroom.  Knowledge is the information we bring and experience is how we have or will apply that knowledge.  The classroom can take many forms but the one constant is the willingness to listen, think, and apply.  Lastly, within this crucible I feel it is important to know one’s audience, be relevant, and be versatile. 


I have been teaching in some form or fashion for over 18 years.  I have been teaching on an academic level since 2009.  Before that most of my experiences come from the area of pastoral care, adolescent development, spirituality, and counseling.    One of the goals of my class is to accurately share knowledge in a way that is both informative and relevant.  I enjoy the challenge of teaching subject matter in a way that conveys the key concepts to students. 

My second goal is to create a community of learning by helping students feel validated and heard.  As a therapist, it is important to build rapport with clients in order for change to take place.  In the classroom, building this type of rapport with students allows for discussion to occur and helps students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and questions.  I believe that community is not just something that is hoped for but is intentionally and thoughtfully created. 

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