Dr. David Hedgpeth

Dr. David Hedgpeth

Associate Faculty

"I am passionate about teaching practical ways for students to apply course materials in daily life, in order to enhance productive, satisfactory, and successful results."

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • Ed.D., Educational Administration (minor emphasis in Behavioral Sciences)

    - East Texas State University

  • M.Ed., Education (School Guidance Counseling and Psychology emphasis)

    - North Texas State University

  • B.S.; Education (Social Studies emphasis)

    - North Texas State University

"I want to see Amberton students make a real difference in the world by combining practical education with Christian teachings."

My Unique Approach to Education

"I want to see Amberton students make a real difference in the world by combining practical education with Christian teachings, in order to benefit self and others toward a better and more successful life.

My teaching strategy is to distill course principles into simple understandings and to develop workable ways to successfully apply these great truths to common daily living."


Dr. Hedgpeth has taught Human Behavior and Development courses at Amberton since 1992. For over 30 years, he worked in public schools in numerous capacities as a teacher and in various Central Office roles. Currently he is both certified and practices as a Life Coach and Educator. He enjoys family, traveling, and genealogy research.

The fundamental themes in Dr. Hedgpeth’s courses are uniquely centered on creating a greater synergetic balance of the mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of the Seven Habits principles, which are all practical and applicable to real life challenges. 

Dr. Hedgpeth’s main courses are:

  • The Power and Wisdom of Love focuses on developing and nurturing wise and loving relationships.
  • Motivation focuses on tried and tested principles to energize one forward to desired results.
  • Principles of Success focuses on key habits and strategies necessary for personal peak performance and optimum goal achievement.

Other Amberton courses Dr.Hedgpeth has taught are:

  • Interpersonal Relations focuses on a study of effective ways to work with others to accomplish a mutually beneficial outcome; and
  • Stress Management focuses on maintaining a healthy balance between activity and relaxation;  

Dr. Hedgpeth's mission is simple: To help students make realistic goals, then to properly master and consistently apply knowledge, skill, and desire; resulting in the fulfillment of a positive, improved, and better life.

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