Dr. Lorraine Lomas

Dr. Lorraine Lomas

Adjunct Professor

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and empowering growth in those eager to learn.

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • DBA in Marketing

  • MBA Specialization in Knowledge & Learning Management

My Unique Approach to Education:

I believe that professors should provide a non-threatening and positive environment for students if they want to develop a supportive and collaborative classroom. For this reason, I strive to link the goals and materials of the courses I teach to my students’ desires for personal fulfillment, professional success, and stimulating academic experiences. My interest focuses on highlighting the reproduction and representation of the multiple discourses at play on cultural practices and communication in the marketing arena. Within this agenda, my research practices are influenced and modified by the principles of industrial marketing, customer knowledge management, and organizational sustainability as contrasted and interrelated with the storytelling, relationships, and engaged consumer practices of communications, ritual, spectacle, resistance, and protest.


I have over 20 years of practical sales and strategic and analytical marketing and marketing management experience, provided marketing and sales training, as well as consulting services to a variety of companies in the private sector. I am knowledgeable and experienced with the characteristics of B2B marketing, CRM implementation, and the ever-changing social media analytics. Additionally, I offer twenty plus years of in the private sector and over 5 years of teaching the business curriculum and administrative duties at a public college, a federal correctional institution, and Amberton University.

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