Dr. Vicki Millican

Dr. Vicki Millican

Associate Faculty

I am passionate about social justice activism (particularly in recovery & empowerment of incarcerated women.)

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., Counselor Education

    - University of North Texas

  • M.S., Rehabilitation Counseling

    - University of North Texas

  • B.S., Fashion Design

    - Texas Women’s University

"I believe enthusiasm is contagious and that I have an obligation to pass on to my students my own passion and enthusiasm..."

My Unique Approach to Education

Given the right circumstances, I believe we are all potentially enthusiastic life-long learners. When individuals have a sense of self-worth and empowerment they become curious and excited about learning and about life in general. One of my goals as a counselor is to encourage the development of self-worth and empowerment in those individuals who, for whatever reason, have been prevented from having opportunities to learn. As an instructor, I believe each of my students has acquired that desire for life-long learning and has a strong desire to make a contribution to life. I see my job as one in which I can encourage their continued growth and help them move towards reaching the professional goals they have envisioned for themselves. I believe enthusiasm is contagious and that I have an obligation to pass on to my students my own passion and enthusiasm about professional counseling in such a way that it ignites in them a passion for learning and the tenacity to reach their goals.

As an adult student, I experienced my own professors as deeply caring and involved people who contributed to both my personal and professional growth in a big way. Through their love, enthusiasm, and passion about their cherished subject areas I not only was exposed to learning that was greatly edifying but to personal healing that helped me become an ethical, empathic counselor. I am committed to offering my own students as much of what I experienced as possible.


I have been a licensed professional counselor in the DFW area since 1990. My work has centered on counseling and learning assistance in the private school arena and I have been employed at Greenhill School, Ursuline Academy and Parish Episcopal School. I also maintained a private counseling practice for 10 years and have experience in psychological treatment centers and managed care clinics in the provision of mental health counseling.

Since retiring from school counseling in 2011, I have pursued interests in several areas of counseling I have long been interested in. Currently I am employed part-time with the Resolana Program through Volunteers of America, Texas, a program that benefits incarcerated women who are working on recover issues with PTSD and substance abuse. I am also a committed volunteer and part-time employee of 29 Pieces, an organization that sponsors the MasterPEACE program. MasterPEACE is an educational program that focuses on the social-emotional learning of children, adolescents, and adults. MasterPEACE uses a hands-on art-based curriculum to teach essential social skills and important life skills.

As a long-time meditator, I am passionate about the use of meditation and mindfulness skills in healing and am in the process of developing educational activities that focus on this area with several client groups. I view mindfulness as the most important skill counselors can both learn and teach to their clients to encourage and maintain growth and healing.

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