Distance Learning Courses

While the trend in most educational institutions is to segregate distance-learning programs from programs offered through the traditional lecture method, Amberton University combines both formats giving the student the advantage to choose the delivery method that best suits his/her needs. At Amberton University, students have the option to select from a variety of courses and programs offered through distance learning. Whether the student is minutes away from the campus or miles away in another state, distance-learning courses can be completed on-line without any on-campus requirement.

Amberton’s distance learning courses are identical to classroom courses in terms of learning outcomes and expectations. Both full-time and part-time professors who teach lecture courses also teach distance learning courses. At Amberton University, in terms of competencies, lecture courses and distance learning courses are one-and-the-same. Because of this synchronicity, students who are in close proximity to the campuses may take both campus-based lecture courses and distance learning courses in any degree program.

Admission to the University and expectations of performance are the same for all students regardless of the student’s location or course selection. All students who attend Amberton University are expected to possess a certain degree of computer literacy. However, a student choosing to take a distance learning course must have the following skills and technical capabilities:

  • Access to the Internet
  • An Amberton e-mail address (assigned at enrollment)
  • Working knowledge in Internet browser settings and configuration, E-mail and file attachments, Uploading and downloading files
  • Use of word processing software
  • Ability to conduct on-line research

Students enrolled in courses through Amberton’s distance learning option access course information through The Student Portal. Through a link located on the University’s web site, students can access courses offered via the Internet. Discussion of degree programs and courses offered through distance learning, along with information on the University's Course Management System, may be found on the University’s web site. Amberton University is a part of a national consortium that sets standards for distance learning courses and degree programs. All of Amberton’s distance learning degree programs and courses comply with the “Principles of Good Practice” for distance learning programs. For a list of Distance Learning offerings, see the current Schedule of Classes and the Course Guide.

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