Drug & Alcohol Prevention/Abuse Policy


No student or university employee may possess, use, or distribute any form of alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs while on university property, and no student or employee may be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or illegal drug while on university property.


Any substance when used to abuse will produce health problems. Specifics of the health risks depend upon the substance used as well as the amount and period of time in which the substance was consumed. Health hazards include: problems with body organs (heart, liver, lungs, kidneys), physiological processes (impaired brain activity, digestion problems, and blood circulation), and mental/emotional health (loss of memory, impaired judgment, personality disorders).


Alcohol and Chemical Treatment Centers are available to students and/or employees who have need for drug or alcohol related treatments. See or speak with a University counselor for referral information.


Legal sanctions (local, State, or Federal depending on the offense) will be enforced against any person on university property who violates the conduct statement. Legal penalties range from misdemeanors (usually fines) to felonies (usually fines and/or confinement) depending upon the nature of the substance and the amount possessed and/or distributed.


Violation of the conduct statement by students or employees will result in disciplinary action. Such action may take the form of suspension or expulsion for students and termination of employment for employees. All violations will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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