Admission Philosophy

As a private institution, Amberton University restricts admission. Admission to Amberton University is a privilege, not a right. Admission is granted only when, in the judgment of University officials, the applicant can benefit from the University’s educational program.

As an upper-division (junior/senior level) and graduate institution uniquely designed for working adults, the University does not accept applicants who seek or need the social environment provided at traditional campuses. Except under special circumstances or programs, the University will not allow the enrollment of a minor or an individual who has failed to prove his or her academic ability and potential by attending another accredited college/university.

In dealing with working adults who have been away from the academic environment for years, the University has learned through research that admission tests have little value in predicting academic success. Past academic performance (which is measurable), self-discipline (which cannot be measured by the institution at the time of entry), and work/social constraints (which are beyond the control of both the institution and the applicant) are three major factors that will contribute to the student's academic performance. The University will measure the first factor, insist upon the second, and allow the judgment of the applicant to prevail concerning the third.

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