Amberton University's Unique Learning Options

Amberton University caters exclusively to the working adult and recognizes the many and varied obstacles that must be managed in order to pursue advanced educational training. From over forty years of catering exclusively to adults, the University has learned:

  • Adult students should not be placed in “locked” groups or programs that do not allow the drop-in/drop-out needs of working adults.
  • Class options are required that allow the working adult to respond to the unique time constraints placed upon him/her because of family, personal, and business demands.
  • Admission, registration, and all student services must honor the time constraints of working adults and must be packaged in a “no-nonsense” academic atmosphere.
  • Adult, working students are commuter students; the University must provide ample close-in, secured parking; current research resources; comfortable facilities; and relevant academic offerings.
  • Most working adults are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid Programs. For this reason, Amberton University encourages students to enroll in one course per session and “pay as they go.”
  • The unique learning options of Amberton University include the following:
  • Ten-week sessions offered four times annually, allow greater options for drop-in/drop-out adult needs.
  • A continuous rotation of courses as either lecture classes or distance learning classes allows students to mix learning options, as needed.
  • Course and program offerings are provided (1) in the evening during the week, (2) on weekends during the day, and/or (3) through distance learning in a “mix-as needed” option for students.
  • Costs for classes are the lowest of any private university in the region.

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