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Occupying a readily accessible professional building with ample parking, Amberton University in Frisco is easy to locate when stopping by for a visit or arriving for class. Find us at the following address:

Address: 3880 Parkwood Blvd, Building 7, Frisco, TX 75034

(972) 279-6511

Located near the intersection of Parkwood Blvd and Warren Parkway, the Amberton University Frisco Center is easy to find. Continue north on Parkwood Boulevard past the Holiday Inn hotel until you see the sign for Shantara Plaza. Turn in to the plaza and make a left; Amberton University is the final building in the row. Comfortable and convenient, it's the perfect place to start your new educational journey.

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Adult Master’s & Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Frisco

The value of higher education is hard to overstate in terms of the opportunities it creates and the doors it can open over the long term. It’s true not just for advanced degrees such as a master's, but also for initial educational successes such as obtaining your bachelor's degree. Unfortunately, if you miss your chance in the "college age" pipeline following high school graduation, it’s easy to feel as though your educational opportunities have ended — especially when you have bills to pay and a full-time work schedule dominating your life. Should you simply decide that you've missed your chance?

Of course not! In fact, the truth is the complete opposite — many tens of thousands of working adults across the country continue to find a way to balance the need to draw a paycheck with their desire to set the stage for career improvement through education. At Amberton University, we're proud to provide graduate and undergraduate programs for working adults in Frisco. Even if you have a full-time schedule (and even with overtime), we've made strides to ensure you can access the education you deserve. Whether you didn’t complete a bachelor's degree previously or you're ready to move on to an advanced program, there's no shortage of opportunity to be found at our comfortable and accessible campus in Frisco.

What Programs Can You Pursue at Amberton University?

To help facilitate adult education in Frisco, we provide an array of excellent courses of study taught by highly professional academic instructors who embrace and reflect the Christian values found at the core of Amberton University's mission.  The courses scheduled at Amberton’s Frisco Campus can be applied to many of the following affordable bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed through a combination of on ground and online courses:

Additionally, we also provide opportunities for working adults looking to become graduate students. To further develop your skills, we offer master's degrees including:

These are just a few of our master's selections — there are many more. As an added benefit, while we are always excited to welcome new students in to our Frisco campus, we are also one of the few universities in Frisco with online as well as on campus options. Many of our degree programs are available 100% online. Combined with our flexible and affordable tuition options, including financial aid, advancing your education and achieving success is within reach. We are here to help guide you, every step of the way.

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