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The Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting offers two tracks of study depending upon the professional interest of the student. Track B-1 (below) is designed to meet the needs of the student who is interested in public accounting and plans to pursue a CPA certification. Track B-2 (below) is designed to meet the needs of the student who is interested in managerial accounting and plans to pursue a CMA certification. The curriculum for both tracks is focused on a strong theoretical foundation of accounting principles and theory for financial and managerial accounting, data analytics, and surveys of taxation, auditing, and advanced topics. A strong business core also provides a solid foundation for understanding business principles and acumen.

The mission of the program is to prepare students for entry-level careers in all areas of accounting including public accounting, private industry, governmental accounting, and non-profit organizations by ensuring graduates are competent in the latest practices and principles of communication, accounting concepts, ethics, and standard procedures. The curriculum is also preparation for students to attain certifications such as the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CMA (Certified Management Accountant). The program has been designed to continue into the MBA-Accounting program if the student so chooses. For those students completing the BBA-Accounting degree (CPA) Track at Amberton, there is an option to complete up to six hours of graduate courses required in the MBA-Accounting degree plan. These dual-coded courses would count as electives in the BBA-Accounting degree (CPA Track) but also fulfill course requirements for the MBA-Accounting degree. This allows a student that completes the BBA-Accounting degree (CPA Track) the opportunity to complete the MBA-Accounting degree with only 30 additional credits. The program (both tracks) may be completed 100% online. 

*See the BBA/MBA-Accounting Dual Degree Program for courses available to be dual-coded. This option is only available for students completing the BBA-Accounting (CPA Track) and continuing into the MBA-Accounting. They are eligible to be taken after the student has completed 90 credit hours towards the BBA-Accounting degree.

A graduate with a BBA in Accounting will be able to:

  • Communicate the principles and concepts of financial information used in business decision-making.
  • Employ problem-solving skills to resolve accounting or business issues using an appropriate framework.
  • Apply the quantitative and technological skills to analyze data and interpret results to improve business performance.
  • Analyze the impact of the global marketplace and how this affects business decisions.
  • Apply an ethical framework for decision-making to identify solutions to dilemmas faced in the business environment.
  • Communicate business analysis clearly, concisely, and accurately. 

The minimum requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting are:

  • 33 semester hours must be completed at Amberton University.
  • 42 semester hours must be at the 3000/4000 level, 27 of which must be completed at Amberton University and applicable to the degree.
  • 120 semester hours are required for degree completion.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 is required.

Degree Plan

I. General Education Requirements45 Hours
Behavioral Science (PSY3735) 3 hours
Communication (must include oral communication skills)
Selected from: COM3401 or COM4405
3 hours
Computer Concepts (fundamentals course, MIS2110) 3 hours
English (ENG1001ENG1002 plus 6 hours of writing)
Six (6) hours of writing may be selected from: COM3461 or COM4441 or ENG2006
12 Hours
History and/or Government (HIS1011HIS1012) 6 hours
Humanities (HUM1015) 3 hours
Mathematics (MAT1021 and MAT1022 or the equivalent) 6 hours
Natural Science (SCI1026SCI1027) 6 hours
Religion (REL2000/3000 Level) 3 hours
II. General Electives15 Hours
III.Major Requirements60 Hours
A. Business Core 30 hours
Accounting Principles (ACC2111ACC2112) 6 hours
Economics Principles (ECO2131ECO2132) 6 hours
Finance (FIN3137) 3 hours
Marketing (3000/4000 level) 3 hours
BUS3101 - Business Law 3 hours
BUS3104 - Statistical Analysis I 3 hours
Business Administration Electives

Select Six (6) hours from the following:
BUS3305BUS3310BUS4113*, MGT3172MGT4650
6 hours
B-1.  Accounting Core: 24 Hours Public Accounting (CPA) Track 24 hours
ACC3114 - Intermediate Accounting I** 3 hours
ACC3115 - Intermediate Accounting II** 3 hours
ACC3117 - Cost Accounting** 3 hours
ACC3120 - Survey of Federal Taxation** 3 hours
ACC4124 - Governmental, NFP and Special Topics** 3 hours
ACC4125 - Auditing** and *** 3 hours
ACC4450 - Advanced Accounting** 3 hours
MGT4192 - Business Ethics 3 hours
B-2.  Accounting Core: 24 Hours Management Accounting (CMA) Track 24 hours
ACC3114 - Intermediate Accounting I** 3 hours
ACC3115 - Intermediate Accounting II** 3 hours
ACC3117 - Cost Accounting** 3 hours
ACC4125 - Auditing** and *** 3 hours
BUS4113 - Accounting & Finance for Managers** 3 hours
MGT4195 - Business Ethics 3 hours
MGT4199 - Business Administration & Policy 3 hours
MGT4203 - Operations Management 3 hours
C.  Advanced Business Administration Elective Courses: 6 hours
(Choose from 3000/4000 Levels: ACC, BUS, ECO, FIN, MGT, MIS, MKT)
Totals:120 Hours


*         BUS4113 will not be offered as a Business Core elective for students who select the Management Accounting (CMA) Track.

**       Course is accepted by the Texas State Board of Accountancy towards the 30 hours required to sit for the CPA Exam (24 undergraduate credit hours).

***     Course is accepted by The Texas State Board of Accountancy towards fulfilling the business communications requirement.

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