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The Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies is available to transfer students who have completed a block of 21 semester hours in a designated field of study. This degree results in an application-oriented program of study that combines both lower-level coursework with an additional 27 semester hours of upper-level (3000/4000) university credits from the disciplines of Business Administration, Human Behavior and Development, or Communication. This degree is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes. Additionally, students may earn one or more certifications offered by Amberton while pursuing this degree.

Program Details

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Degree Plan Overview

Requirements Hours
General Education Requirements 45 Hours
General Electives 27 Hours
Applied Requirements 48 Hours
120 Total Hours
Full Degree Plan Requirements

Get Your Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies at Amberton University

Are you eyeing a career in business administration? If so, you are likely eyeing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) as your undergraduate degree. However, depending on your career goals and overall aspirations, it’s possible that Amberton’s bachelor of science in applied studies might be a better fit for you. 

What Is a Bachelor of Applied Studies?

A Bachelor of Applied Studies—or, more formally, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies—is a nontraditional path of study that substitutes a traditional major or minor with a less intensive focus on a specific discipline. At Amberton, the applied studies program is available to transfer students who have so far completed at least 21 credit hours/semester hours in a designated field of study.  Students must then complete at least 27 more semester hours of upper-level applied studies courses (either the 3000 or 4000 level) in business administration, communication, or human behavior, along with studies in a range of lower-level coursework. The lower-level coursework combines 45 semester hours of General Education requirements (mandatory for all Amberton undergrad degrees), as well as 27 semester hours of general electives. At least 33 of these semester hours must be completed at Amberton University for the student to graduate with an Amberton degree.

The result of this mix is a degree with one clear emphasis area, but also a lot of variety in learning and skill-building in other categories. Students can explore interests in an array of different disciplines or academic fields, building a well-rounded education that will either prove personally fulfilling, explicitly applicable to the student’s desired career path or both. 

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

The bachelor of applied studies is ideal for students who:

  1. Have already completed the necessary 21 credit hours (or more) of applied study courses at a different college or university.

  2. Are interested in transferring to Amberton and completing their degree path with us.

  3. Want a business-centric degree that allows plenty of flexibility for other studies and pursuits.

  4. Are motivated to complete the full 120-credit curriculum necessary to graduate from Amberton with a bachelor of science in applied studies.

If you are specifically focused on getting a business degree, you might wonder about the differences in a BBA vs a BS in applied studies. The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is similar, with a slightly more intensive focus on coursework within the business discipline and a slightly diminished focus on general electives. The BBA is a traditional major, while the BS in applied studies is a more general degree. For comparison’s sake, note that Amberton’s BBA in General Business demands 54 credits of major requirements and 21 hours of general electives, along with the 45 required hours of gen-eds. The BBA in management accounting has 60 hours of major requirements and only 15 hours of general elective requirements.

Ultimately, picking which degree path is right for you will depend on your transfer situation and your overall career goals. Graduates of our applied studies program have certainly had success within the business environment, in a variety of different roles. The BBA is more business-focused and allows you to specialize in areas such as accounting, management accounting, or project management. If you are interested in a very well-rounded degree that will give you plenty of opportunities to explore several academic pursuits, the Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies might be the perfect fit for you.

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