Bachelors Degree Programs

Tuition is an affordable $285 per credit ($855 per course).

Amberton's Bachelor's degrees are designed for the working professional, just like you!  Most of the programs can be completed totally on-line with no in-class attendance.  Tuition is affordable with convenient payment plans available.  Transfer work is evaluated quickly upon submission of official transcripts so you can see how prior credits earned fit your chosen degree path.  Classes begin approximately every 10 weeks so you can get started quickly and earn your degree in less time.  Let an advisor help you take the next step!   Email for more information.

Affordable & Flexible Bachelor's Degree Programs

Earning a college degree is a significant step in life and one that is central to achieving your long-term goals. Whatever you want to do in life, whether it’s travel, buy a house, get married, raise a family, or just be comfortable and enjoy a nice income – it all begins with a college education. Earning your degree is all about opening doors. It prepares you both academically and socially for your adult life and your career opportunities. The right college education can open the door to better-paying jobs as well as overall stability and happiness. Even if you have earned a college degree but now wish to switch paths, it’s never too late to go back to school. At Amberton University, we provide affordable bachelor’s degree programs for working adults to help them get closer to where they want to be.

Ideal Candidates for an Online Bachelor’s Degree

Adult degree programs provide educational opportunities designed to cater to adult learners with complex obligations such as families and existing jobs. With evening and online classes available, students may take classes in unconventional formats designed to meet their unique needs. The flexible curriculum offered gives students a study plan that’s relevant to their individual professional goals. There are adult learner programs structured for all levels and designed to fit the needs of working individuals. The ideal candidates for undergraduate programs for working adults include:

·        People with existing jobs: Young college students often enjoy the ease of attending classes full-time without worrying about the need to stay employed. However; adults typically need to maintain employment, and require a degree program that offers an alternate schedule tailored to their needs.

·        People with children: Adults who wish to continue their education often have children to consider. Programs designed to cater to adults keep this in mind and offer flexible options to allow students to attend classes at times that suit them best or to select the convenience of online programs.

·        People who wish to change careers: It’s increasingly common for adults to realize after several years in a certain field that another career would suit them better. Undergraduate programs for working adults allow people to change careers when they feel stifled.

Benefits of Our Online Degree Programs

College may be “the best years of your life” for kids fresh out of high school with their entire lives in front of them, but for adults who finally have the chance to get the education they need or who wish to change careers in midlife, college is something that must be completed as quickly and conveniently as possible. Online degree programs provide the chance to earn a degree for students who wish to switch their focus to a whole new industry or advance in their existing field. Some of the specific benefits of an online bachelor’s degree include:

·        Time efficiency and manageability: Online courses allow students to participate in an online classroom rather than a physical one. Typically, this means that all aspects of student-instructor interaction take place in an online setting. If students meet the required deadlines, they are usually free to put in the work when it suits them. This approach allows students to balance their priorities in a way that works for their schedules.

·        Digital communication: There’s a different atmosphere when it comes to communication in an online course as opposed to one that requires the student to be in a physical classroom. These days, virtually everyone has access to a smartphone, so digital communication, including emails, texts, and other forms of communication is more accessible and convenient than ever.

·        Remote opportunities: One of the best advantages of online adult degree programs is that you’re free to engage from anywhere in the world. Online engagement is both convenient and widely available because it allows for objectives to be completed remotely. Students may decide how their college experience plays out based on their existing schedules and needs.

In What Industries Can Our Adult Degree Programs Be Applied?

At Amberton University, we offer a range of undergraduate programs and courses taught by faculty who are practitioners in their fields of study.  Programs include:

·        Bachelor of Arts in Professional Development: This program involves a classical core of general education alongside a broad-based interdisciplinary curriculum.

·        Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting: The field of accounting is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions in the next decade.

·        BBA/MBA Accounting Dual Program: If your desire is to become a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Texas, this flexible and unique program is for you.

·        Bachelor of Business Administration in Management: Prepare yourself to thrive in a management role in the business community.

·        Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business: This program presents a range of general business courses with maximum flexibility in program design to assist you in achieving your career goals.

·        Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management: Learn to manage projects across a wide range of business environments in addition to essential business and management principles.

·        Bachelor of Science in Applied Studies: If you are looking to transfer in a block of technical courses in order to earn a degree, this flexible option may be the best one for you.

·        Bachelor of Science in Human Relations and Business: This program allows the learner to combine human behavior, business, and communication courses into a degree tailored to specific needs and learning objectives.

These are just a few examples of the many degree programs we offer working adults.

The Amberton Difference

If you’re looking for affordable bachelor’s degree programs, Amberton University can help. We provide a range of degree programs designed exclusively for working adults. We offer flexible online and in-classroom learning options to address the unique needs of each student. We also offer affordable pay-as-you-go options to allow our students access to more educational opportunities and to graduate without debt. For those students who need a little extra help, financial aid options are available. Our faculty and administration are passionate about helping students succeed. We’ll provide the help you need throughout your educational journey, whether that means help formatting a research paper, technical support, or convenient library hours to ensure that you can complete your studying and research at times that work for you. There’s no reason to hold yourself back – take the next step and contact Amberton University today.

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