Certification Overview

Adult Training and Development is one of our graduate certifications, designed to help you achieve your professional goals by making your job search more focused and less overwhelming. Certifications can prepare you for leadership positions in various sectors. Our Adult Training and Development Certification is designed for those seeking to work in settings that focus on training or teaching adults. Potential work environments include personnel development, consulting, and corporate training. We offer this certification on the graduate level only as a complement to our Master of Science in Human Relations and Business, Master of Arts in Professional Development, and Master of Science in Human Resource Training and Development programs.

Certification Guide (PDF)

What Are the Requirements?

The Adult Training and Development Certification focuses on teaching and training adults in a corporate setting, and requires 12 credit hours comprising specific courses, including:

  • Adult Learning in the Workplace

  • Development of Training Programs

  • Developing Human Potential

  • Human Resource Inventory

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Good candidates for adult learning in the workplace specializations possess some key qualities, including:

  • Analytical skills. It’s important to be able to analyze information as you will be assessing training programs, materials, and methods, then choosing the best option for the given situation. 

  • Instructional skills. Besides analyzing training programs, you will also need to deliver these programs to employees using a variety of teaching techniques and adapt your methods to specific groups. 

  • Speaking skills. Exceptional presentation and speaking skills are essential for training and development specialists. You must be able to convey information clearly and connect with your audience to foster effective learning. 

  • Interpersonal skills. It will be important to have strong interpersonal skills as you collaborate with experts, other instructors, and trainees to deliver the required information effectively. 

What Industries Can This Be Applied To?

An Adult Training and Development Specialist has many career options available to them. Some of the possibilities include working in large corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions evaluating, developing, and conducting employee training programs. These programs may be simple orientation programs for new employees designed as an overall company review, or they may be major business process changes, health and safety precautions, or related to information technology usage. 

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

At Amberton University, we offer a variety of graduate certifications for students seeking to maximize their marketability and professional skills. We have certification programs on the graduate and undergraduate levels, including standalone programs, and those you can earn in conjunction with one of our degree programs. Along with Adult Training and Development, some of our specializations include Change Management, Conflict Management and Resolution, Diversity Awareness, Executive Leadership, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Christian Counseling. 

We offer both classroom and distance-learning formats, as well as flexible schedules and easy payment options, to ensure that working adults have access to the educational advancement opportunities they need to achieve their objectives. If you think that one of our specializations might be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your educational and career goals.


HRT6550 - Adult Learning in the Workplace

The course examines the nature and processes of adult learning, particularly emphasizing learning within organizations.  Topics include theories on how adults learn, learning styles, assessing learning, developing thinking skills in adults, and training methodologies.

HRT6565 - Development of Training Programs

The course prepares the student to identify the emerging issues that will affect the human resources and training professional.  Students will explore current trends and technologies related to HRT.

HBD5722 - Developing Human Potential

Leaders in the field of human potential estimate that only one percent of humans realize their full potential.  This course explores models and approaches designed to develop untapped abilities.  Students consider reasons for the failure to achieve maximum human development and experience practices designed to further their own growth.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4722 has been successfully completed.

HBD5735 - Human Resource Inventory

The course presents the techniques, skills, and models for identifying and utilizing the assets of human resources within organizations as well as one’s own personal assets.  Students will learn how to use self-assessments and evaluation of skills and life experiences to develop portfolios for documentation.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4735 has been successfully completed.

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