Certification Overview

The Certification in Applied Business Analytics is ideal for Amberton students who want to enhance their ability to successfully understand and initiate business analytics functions in modern organizations. Grounded in an array of analytics principles, the Applied Business Analytics Certification is a study of strategies, tools, methods, and applications that provide students with an understanding of the implementation of enterprise analytics to gain competitive advantage. The four-course core curriculum focuses on contemporary business analytics theories and best practices. Students will acquire basic knowledge of business analytics tools, techniques, and processes necessary to effectively employ applications such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, linear/non-linear programming, optimization, and root cause analysis to support decision making in modern organizations.

What Are the Requirements?

The Applied Business Analytics certification, focused on teaching and training adults in a corporate setting, requires 12 credit hours comprising specific courses, including:

  • Data Analytics for Accountants

  • Applied Business Analytics

  • Operations Analytics

  • Competitive Marketing Analytics

Students completing an Applied Business Analytics Certification will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply the business analytics processes of acquiring, cleaning, combining, synthesizing, and analyzing large amounts of data from many sources.
  • Effectively communicate business analytics insights, conclusions, and information clearly and concisely to support decision-making.
  • Understand how to integrate and apply business analytics tools and techniques to disparate data within organizations to extract meaningful insights.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues and apply decision-making skills as they relate to the application of business analytics.
  • Conduct relevant research appropriate to the understanding and application of business analytics.

Courses:  12 Hours

ACC6135 - Data Analytics for Accountants 

The course examines the nature and processes of adult learning, particularly emphasizing learning within organizations. Topics include theories on how adults learn, learning styles, assessing learning, developing thinking skills in adults, and training methodologies.

MGT6460 - Applied Business Analytics

The course provides the student with methods for analyzing learners’ needs, designing appropriate training programs, and evaluating learning outcomes.

MGT6470 - Operations Analytics

Leaders in the field of human potential estimate that only one percent of humans realize their full potential. This course explores models and approaches designed to develop untapped abilities. Students consider reasons for the failure to achieve maximum human development and experience practices designed to further their own growth.

MKT6450 - Competitive Marketing Analytics

The course presents the techniques, skills, and models for identifying and utilizing the assets of human resources within organizations as well as one’s own personal assets. Students will learn how to use self-assessments and evaluation of skills and life experiences to develop portfolios for documentation.

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