Certification Overview

The Certification in Business Management Essentials is designed for business as well as non-business majors who need a solid business foundation in order to enhance or further their career goals. The program focuses on core business skills such as management processes, marketing, accounting, finance, personnel, and international management issues. This area of study is offered at the undergraduate level only. Successful completion of the certification awards twelve hours of undergraduate credit. This emphasis may be completed online and in conjunction with the University's seven undergraduate programs.

Hours Required: 12


BUS3305 Management Fundamentals

The course provides a fundamental understanding of the functions of management and the importance of information systems in an organizational setting. The course covers such topics as the structure of organizations, communication systems in the organization, the development of information systems, and managing system changes.

BUS3310 Competitive Analysis

The course provides an introduction to the basics of managerial economics and marketing management with an emphasis on the areas of overlay between the two disciplines. Topics include demand, costs, pricing, market structure analysis, and competitive strategies.

BUS4113 Accounting & Finance for Managers

The course is designed for those who expect to read, interpret, and analyze financial statements. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and interpretation of financial information as a basis for managerial decision-making.

Plus the student has the option to complete either:

BUS4110 International Business

The course addresses the challenge of global competition by analyzing management, marketing, financial, and production activities in foreign markets. Economic, cultural, legal, political, labor, market, and other environmental factors that have an impact on international business strategies are also examined.


MGT4174 Personnel Management

The course presents an investigation of the recruitment, selection, maintenance, development, utilization, and accommodation of human resources by organizations. Topics include cultural development, human behavior and organizational effectiveness, legal issues involving human resources, and applying relevant Federal laws and acts to the personnel management process.

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