Certification Overview

Change Management, offered at the graduate level only, is a certification that prepares students to occupy leadership roles and address the positive and negative issues organizations, teams, and individuals face as they navigate the change process. By completing these four courses you not only complete the certification, but also earn 12 graduate credit hours. The certification complements several of our degree programs, including Master of Science in Human Resources Training and Development, Master of Science in Human Relations and Business, MBA in Strategic Leadership, and Master of Arts in Professional Development.

Certification Guide (PDF)

What Are the Requirements?

Our Change Management Course requires 12 credit hours in specific courses, including:

  • Leadership Theories and Practice

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Leadership and Team Development

  • Organizational Change

Who Are the Ideal Candidates? 

The ideal candidate for a career in Change Management is:

  • An excellent communicator. You’ll need strong communication skills to help people understand why the required change will be beneficial to them in the long run. 

  • A good listener. If you are to understand the reasons that organizations or people are struggling, you have to be able to absorb the information they give you. 

  • Encouraging. Positive reinforcement is the key to lasting change. You’ll need to be consistently uplifting, patient, and kind to be effective at your job. 

  • Energetic. You’ll need to exude positive energy to create real, long-lasting change. You’ll often have to overcome the odds and being positive and calm, rather than tense and stressed, will make it much easier. 

  • Organized. A good Change Manager knows how to break down large tasks into smaller pieces and understands how to prioritize them through structured planning. 

What Industries Can This Be Applied To?

The discipline of change management is growing rapidly, as is the change management job market. There are many thousands of change management specialists throughout the world, a number that grows by the day. The need for change management professionals exists across industries and in a wide variety of corporations. There are many organizational change manager positions available; these may be referred to as Senior Change Management Specialist, Senior Organizational Change Management Communication Specialist, or Organization Change Management Specialist, to name a few. 

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

If you’re a working adult and are interested in ongoing training to help advance your career, then one of our graduate certifications may be for you. Some of our certifications can be completed as standalone programs, while others are earned in conjunction with one of our degree programs; we offer certifications on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Along with Change Management, some of your options include Adult Training and Development, Diversity Awareness, Conflict Management and Resolution, Executive Communication Skills, Project Management, Executive Leadership, Human Resource Management, and Christian Counseling. We also offer a range of bachelor's and master's degree programs catering to working adults exclusively. Earning a certification can help increase your marketability and focus your job search as you look to advance in your career.  Contact us with any questions.

Hours Required: 12


HBD6776 - Leadership Theories and Practice

The course presents leadership development theories necessary for the challenges of today’s organizations and for the rapidly changing work environment of the future. The course addresses current terminology, concepts, competencies, and attitudes to enable students to become leaders who accomplish extraordinary things in organizations while maintaining integrity and credibility.

HBD6771 - Conflict Management and Resolution

The course presents a discussion of the nature of conflict and the origins and strategies used in managing conflict for productive results. Both interpersonal and intergroup conflicts are studied.

HRT6570 - Leadership & Team Development

The course acquaints the student with processes to utilize interpersonal, conflict management, team building, and leadership skills to achieve objectives in a group. The primary objective of the course is to help students analyze the role of leadership and teams.

HRT6575 - Organizational Change

The course presents concepts of spontaneous and planned changes within the organization and their influence on employee behavior and the organization’s structure. Topics include change theories, managing change, strategic advantages and disadvantages of change, and planning change goals.

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