Certification Overview

The Certification in Christian Counseling is designed for persons interested in integrating faith and counseling to facilitate the helping relationship from a spiritual context. Ministers, church leaders, and church members seeking to minister to individuals, couples, and families in the local church and community will utilize this certification that provides coursework in counseling from a Christian perspective.

Christian counseling is a unique certification in which a trained and licensed mental health professional will integrate their education and abilities with their Christian beliefs, values, and faith. At Amberton University, our certification in Christian counseling is designed for students who would like to provide counseling services to individuals, couples, and families from a spiritual context. When you study at Amberton, you’ll also have the option of taking your Christian counseling courses online.

What are the requirements?

This certification requires some specific Christian counseling courses including:

  • Christian Counseling. This course provides an overview of Christian counseling and introduces theories, concepts, and key terms.
  • Family Life Ministry. Learn the basics of family life ministry, including the design and development of family ministry programs and their theological foundations.
  • Practical Experience in Christian Counseling. You’ll complete 100 hours of practical counseling experience in this course.
  • Family Studies. Receive instruction on issues that affect families and gain an understanding of the complexities in relationships, family roles, interactions, and more.

Who Are the Real Candidates?

An effective Christian counselor possesses several traits and goals. Pursuing this certification has life-changing implications for you and your future clients alike. Here are some of the traits you’ll need as a successful Christian counselor.

  • Training and knowledge. How well you perform in the field is directly related to your level of training. There is a growing demand for counseling services, and you will face many challenges. Expert training will help you meet this requirement and develop trust with your clients.
  • Insight. When you have insight, it means that you can see and understand how every person and experience fits into a given situation and the role they play in the existing circumstances. Without insight, expert training is not enough to allow you to grasp the full picture and effectively apply biblical concepts.
  • Spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is more than just biblical knowledge. It’s the ability to apply this knowledge to your own life and demonstrate humility, wisdom, holiness, and forgiveness consistently. A spiritually mature counselor can lead by example, recognizing scripture as the ultimate source of guidance and truth.
  • Compassion. It’s true, Christlike compassion, more so than anything else, that sets exceptional Christian counselors apart from the rest. You need to be able to see beyond the surface to the heart of suffering and be passionate about helping people experience true healing through faith. 

What industries can this be applied to?

As a Christian counselor, your counseling career will be made even more dynamic through the added dimension of your faith, and you’ll have many job opportunities. Here are a few potential careers for Christian counselors.

  • Congregation Manager. Many churches offer outreach for members and their surrounding communities. As a Christian counselor, you’ll be able to bring your skills and training to those efforts.
  • Christian Guidance Counselor. Christian schools typically prefer Christian staff members. High school and college guidance counseling offer these professionals an opportunity to use their training to help young people cement their faith and futures all at once.
  • Couples and Family Therapist. Many people believe that a healthy relationship requires a strong Christian faith. A professional career as a Couples and Family Therapist offers you the chance to be the backbone in your clients’ lives. You may provide premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and other types of relationship counseling within a Christian context.
  • Correctional Ministries. Perhaps you will feel called to be a part of a prison ministry program. These important programs reach out to people in correctional facilities and help them come to terms with their faith and make life-changing decisions. Specific Amberton degree offerings Amberton University offers working adults the opportunity to further their education and careers with flexible classes and easy payment options. We also give you the choice of taking your Christian counseling courses online or in the classroom. Among our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs we offer a range of certifications including Christian Counseling, Adult Training and Development, Change Management, Conflict Management and Resolution, Diversity Awareness, Executive Leadership, Human Resource Management, and more. If you think that Christian counseling courses might be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with us about your goals.

Hours Required: 12


CSL 6720 Christian Counseling

The course presents an overview of counseling from a Christian perspective, introducing key terms, theories, and concepts. It provides a basic Christian counseling model that is applicable to a wide range of issues typically encountered in the local church. The course also includes professional, ethical, and legal issues related specifically to Christian counseling.

CSL 6730 Family Life Ministry

The course presents an introduction to the field of family life ministry. The focus will be on the design, development, and delivery of a comprehensive family ministry with an emphasis on preventive and therapeutic resources for families in the church and in the community. The theological foundations for a ministry to families will be explored.

CSL 6860 Practical Experience in Christian Counseling (Prerequisite CSL6720)

The course provides guided instruction and supervised counseling experience for students in their ministry setting. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 100 hours of practical counseling experience.

HBD 6767 Family Studies

The course addresses issues affecting families and their relationships to other institutions and to society in general.  Students will develop an understanding of the complexities of family roles, relationships, interactions, and changes throughout the lifespan.

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