Certification Overview

The Certification in Conflict Management and Resolution is designed for the business leader who seeks an understanding of how to respond to conflicts within organizations, both on the individual and group levels.  The Certification focuses on managing conflict, negotiating to resolution, and persuasive communication techniques.  This certification is offered on the graduate level only and may be completed online.  This emphasis complements the Master of Arts in Professional Development, the MBA in Strategic Leadership, and the Master of Science in Human Relations & Business.

Our conflict management and dispute resolution courses allow you to master the art of conflict resolution by honing your intercultural communication skills and harnessing the power of positive conflict. This certification will teach you to strengthen your professional and personal relationships by addressing conflicts within organizations and between individuals constructively. You’ll have the opportunity to build the skills you need to manage intercultural conflicts in today’s society and explore the ways that competing goals and interests as well as imbalances of power influence conflict and management strategies. Our conflict management and resolution courses complement the Master of Science in Human Relations and Business, the MBA in Strategic Leadership, and the Master of Arts in Professional Development.

Certification Guide (PDF)

What Are the Requirements?

Our Conflict Management and Resolution Certification requires 12 hours and several specific courses, including:

  • Conflict Management and Resolution. Explore the nature of conflict and strategies for achieving productive results.
  • Negotiation Skills for Managers. Learn essential skills for negotiation situations such as managing contracts, planning strategies, and settling organizational conflicts.
  • Persuasion. Review the theories of persuasion and methods for applying these theories. Key topics include source credibility, social campaigns, motivational appeals, and the psychology of persuasion.
  • Organizational Behavior. Learn a social science view of human behavior within an organization. Topics include conflict in organizations, inter-group relations, the quality of work-life, and more.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Workplace conflict management is a specialist area that requires specific skills. Some organizations assume that an understanding manager or HR department should be able to resolve disputes. However, while empathy is necessary, it’s often not enough on its own to help resolve workplace conflicts. Here are a few of the traits a good workplace mediator needs.

  • Emotional intelligence. The ability to understand your emotions, as well as the emotions of others, will be essential as you strive to improve negative workplace relations.
  • Experience. An effective mediator has had enough general work experience to gain insights into working relationships as well as practical experience managing a range of conflict scenarios.
  • Communication skills. Resolving conflicts is all about communication, so a good mediator must demonstrate strong communication skills such as extracting crucial details, effective listening, and communicating in a focused way. Our conflict resolution and management course outline includes handpicked courses designed to teach you as much as possible about these and the other skills you’ll need in your new career.

To What Industries Does This Certification Apply?

The need for conflict resolution is growing rapidly. A conflict resolution expert helps bring people who are at odds together by guiding the individuals to look at both sides of the disagreement and reach a consensus. Conflict mediators work in a wide variety of settings, and there are numerous possibilities when it comes to finding work in this field. Depending on the environment, you may be called an arbitrator, facilitator, conciliator, or ombudsman. Just a few of the possible industries where you may find work include family law, healthcare, finance, school violence, peer mediation, media, sports, and government.

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

In addition to our conflict management and dispute resolution courses, Amberton University offers a range of certifications such as Adult Training and Development, Change Management, Christian Counseling, Diversity Awareness, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Executive Communication Skills. We are a flexible university offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs that cater to working adults with online and classroom formats, convenient payment options, and ongoing support as you complete your classes. If you would like to learn more about our conflict management and resolution courses, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hours Required:           12


HBD6771 - Conflict Management & Resolution

The course presents a discussion of the nature of conflict and the origins and strategies used in managing conflict for productive results. Both interpersonal and intergroup conflicts are studied.

MGT5193 - Negotiation Skills for Managers

This course presents skills for a variety of negotiating situations: managing contracts, implementing change, making sales purchases, settling organizational conflicts, planning strategies, and achieving credibility The class prepares the student to understand different types of negotiation, how to strategically negotiate from a managerial and professional perspective and create value in the negotiating process.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if MGT4193 has been successfully completed.

COM5405 - Persuasion

The course presents the major theories of persuasion and helps students apply them. Key topic areas include credibility, motivation, social campaigns, manipulation, and audience analysis, and adaptation.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if COM4405 has been successfully completed.

HBD5173 - Organizational Behavior

The course presents an integrated social science view of human behavior in organizations. Topics include inter-group relations, conflict in organizations, organization structure, work design, and the quality of work life.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD3173 has been successfully completed.

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