Certification Overview

The Certification in Customer Service is ideal for current Amberton students, potential students, and/or organizational employees who want to enhance their knowledge in the area of customer service by learning how to effectively and successfully deal with clients, customers, and co-workers.  This certification would be well suited for municipalities or organizations that have a pronounced need for customer service training.  The certification is grounded in the principles of business and communications which will enable students to understand how to address the customer’s needs and behaviors, speak in a professional manner, build relationships, and become confident in the application of their learned skills. This certificate program can help students advance their careers while helping organizations set a new standard in customer service. 

Amberton Students completing a Customer Service Certification will be able to: 

  • Understand and address the customer’s needs and behaviors, speak in a professional manner, build relationships, and become confident in the application of their learned skills
  • Analyze and understand consumer behavior and customer needs.
  • Effectively communicate in a professional manner.
  • Understand how to mitigate potential conflicts by applying learned techniques
  • Demonstrate the ability to minimize conflict and foster conflict resolution
  • Establish best practices for building strong customer relationships  

This certification is designed to benefit both Customer Service Frontline Representatives and/or Supervisors within for-profit, governmental, or non-profit organizations.

Certification Guide (PDF)

Courses: 12 Hours

BUS4460 - Customer Service Best Practices

The course is designed to provide a broad foundation of the principles and practices for the student who interacts directly with or supervises customer service in a variety of industries. The course meets the requirement as an upper-level Business Administration elective, as well as serving as one of the four required courses for an Undergraduate Certificate in Customer Service. The course provides a specific focus on critical thinking and decision-making skills to enable students from various levels of customer service experience to be successful in this field.

COM3469 - Managerial Communication

The course explores the relationship between management and communication, providing students with the skills to improve their management communication skills.

HBD4727 - Interpersonal Relations

The course examines the impact of interpersonal relationships as experienced in family, business, and social groups.  Topics include personal well-being, self-disclosure, conflict and anger management, models of interpersonal relationships, and the social exchange theory.

MGT4193 - Negotiation Skills for Managers

This course presents skills for a variety of negotiating situations: managing contracts, implementing change, making sales purchases, settling organizational conflicts, planning strategies, and achieving credibility The class prepares the student to understand different types of negotiations, how to strategically negotiate from a managerial and professional perspective and create value in the negotiating process.

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