Certification Overview

The Undergraduate Certification in Entrepreneurship is ideal for Amberton students who have the desire to start or grow a new business. The curriculum focuses on fundamental entrepreneurial concepts such as effectively identifying market opportunities, defining target markets, understanding economic trends, promoting products and/or services using effective and appropriate marketing tools, developing strategy, and managing personnel.  The four-course core curriculum focuses on best practices for entrepreneurs.

What are the Requirements?

The Entrepreneurship Certification focused on providing the skills necessary to start a new business and requires 4 courses (12 credit hours) including:

  • BUS4425 - Entrepreneurship
  • BUS3305 - Management Fundamentals
  • BUS3310 - Competitive Business Analysis
  • BUS4605 - Business Acumen

Students completing an Entrepreneurship Certification will be able to:

  • Understand the skills needed to create, market, and manage a new business venture.
  • Understand the processes and procedures of how a small business functions, communicates and interacts with customers, suppliers, and external companies in day-to-day operations.
  • Analyze factors within the internal and external environments, how they impact the organization, and how these factors can be used in creating a competitive advantage.
  • Illustrate the importance of implementing ethical standards and social responsibility within an organization.

Certification Guide (PDF)

Courses:  12 Hours

BUS4425 – Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship course analyzes how to plan, implement, and evaluate a new business venture. It explores the risks and uncertainties faced by new entrepreneurs, and how to utilize the organization’s strengths and opportunities to achieve success. The course looks at various aspects of business including management, marketing, human resource management, legalities, and finance; and how each of these areas are integrated into a business unit. Finally, Entrepreneurship evaluates new trends within industries, current events, and provides the student with an in-depth understanding of the drivers within today’s business environment.  

BUS3305 – Management Fundamentals

The course provides a fundamental understanding of the functions of management and the importance of information systems in an organizational setting.  The course covers such topics as the structure of organizations, communication systems in the organization, the development of information systems, and managing system changes. 

BUS3310 – Competitive Business Analysis  (Revised Course Title)

The course provides an introduction to the basics of managerial economics and marketing management with an emphasis on the areas of overlay between the two disciplines.  Topics include demand, costs, pricing, market structure analysis, and competitive strategies.

BUS4605 – Business Acumen

The course is a prerequisite course for the MBA in General Business and the MBA in Management degrees. The course is designed for those students who have not completed an undergraduate degree in business or those students who want a “refresher course” before starting an MBA. The course provides a solid basis of business knowledge, strategies, and tactics at a general, introductory level. The predominant goal for this course is to enable the student to understand fundamental business concepts to better prepare them to successfully complete the courses required for the above-named MBA degree programs. The course also meets the requirement for an upper-level Business Administration elective in the University’s undergraduate programs.

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