Certification Overview

The Certification in Human Resource Management offers students the knowledge and practical skills to enhance careers and job advancement in the Human Resources field.  The focus is on elements of Human Resource Management within various organizational structures.  Students successfully finishing the four courses earn twelve hours of graduate credit in addition to the certification.  This emphasis may be completed online and in conjunction with the Master of Arts in Professional Development, the MBA in Strategic Leadership, the Master of Science in Human Relations & Business, and the Master of Science in Human Resource Training and Development.

In a robust economy, with unemployment rates as low as they’ve been in years, today’s employers are in fierce competition to attract and retain top professional talent. Human Resources departments—and the experts that run them—are the X-factor that employers must rely upon when recruiting, hiring, and fostering the professional growth of their personnel. This Human Resource Management course is designed to help students learn the knowledge and practical skills necessary to achieve organizational growth powered by the HR function.

Certification Guide (PDF)

What Is the Human Resource Management Certification?

At Amberton University, we offer numerous certification programs. These programs, offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level, are not “degrees,” per se. Instead, they are intended to give students additional learning and development opportunities—whether in conjunction with full degree programs we offer or as an ongoing education path. The Certification in Human Resource Management is a graduate-level program consisting of four courses and 12 credit hours. It focuses on HR management within an organizational structure, emphasizing ways in which the HR function can help drive growth and value for private businesses, public entities, and nonprofit entities alike.

  • HRT6555 - Emerging Issues in HRT

  • HRT6560 - Organizational Culture

  • HRT6575 - Organizational Change

  • MGT6177 - Human Resource Management

What Are the Requirements for the Certification in Human Resource Management?

Most of our students who undertake the Certification in Human Resource Management are typically involved with one of two master’s programs we currently offer at Amberton University: the Master of Science in Human Relations & Business or the Master of Arts in Professional Development. The program is intended as a supplemental path of study, rather than as a standalone learning experience. However, if you already hold a degree in professional development or HR and wish to explore the Human Resource Management Certification as ongoing education and development opportunity, please contact us today. The skills and knowledge underlined in this program apply to the entirety of the HR profession, which spans organizations of all types, sizes, and industries. Whether used as a pre-professional learning opportunity or as a refresher course, this 12-credit program is extremely valuable.

Hours Required: 12 


HRT6555 - Emerging Issues in HRT

The course prepares the student to identify the emerging issues that will affect the human resources and training professionals. Students will explore current trends and cutting-edge technologies related to HRT.

HRT6560 - Organizational Culture

The course examines the development and characteristics of outstanding organizational cultures. Emphasis is placed on the investigation of behaviors and their relationship to top-performing organizational cultures. The interaction of the individual, groups, organization, and environment are explored. Special attention is given to identifying core values, organizational structure, attracting talent, diversity, and inclusion, and employee engagement and motivation.  

HRT6575 - Organizational Change

The course presents concepts of spontaneous and planned changes within the organization and their influence on employee behavior and the organization’s structure. Topics include change theories, managing change, strategic advantages and disadvantages of change, and planning change goals.

MGT6177 - Human Resource Management

The course presents a systematic framework for analyzing and evaluating human resource management functions within an organization.  Topics include hiring, training, compensation, benefits, employee relations/labor relations, performance management, safety, and health management. This course will review Human Resource Competencies in Early Career, Mid-Career, and Senior Career.  Topics will also include key competencies in mandatory areas of Human Resource Management. 

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