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The Tax Planning and Research course will prepare students to engage in tax research and planning procedures. Students will utilize the Internal Revenue Code, regulations and rulings, judicial interpretations, annotated and topical tax services to research topics related to individuals and entities. Students will also focus on communicating research results.


  • Identifying the ethical considerations specific to tax planning and research in organizations and individuals.
  • Describing non-regulatory ethical behavior models.
  • Outlining the tax research process.
  • Performing computerized tax research.
  • Understanding the sources of federal tax law.
  • Interpreting the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Understanding the history of U.S. taxation.
  • Searching administrative regulations and rulings.
  • Searching judicial interpretations.
  • Utilizing commercial tax services.
  • Searching tax citations and periodicals.
  • Searching state tax services.
  • Understanding circumstances when international tax law should be considered.
  • Performing a tax research project utilizing multiple research techniques and sources.
  • Communicating research results effectively.
  • Assessing the economics of tax planning, avoidance, and evasion.
  • Evaluating common tax traps.
  • Applying relevant and ethical assumptions and estimates when preparing and reporting financial statements and results.
  • Understanding how to work with the IRS through the audit process, appeals process, and taxpayer rights.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of penalties, statutes of limitations, injunctions, and statutory agreements.

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