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The Entrepreneurship course analyzes how to plan, implement, and evaluate a new business venture. It explores the risks and uncertainties faced by new entrepreneurs, and how to utilize the organization’s strengths and opportunities to achieve success. The course looks at various aspects of business including management, marketing, human resource management, legalities, and finance; and how each of these areas are integrated in a business unit. Finally, Entrepreneurship evaluates new trends within industries, current events, and provides the student with an in-depth understanding of the drivers within today’s business environment.


CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if BUS4425 has been successfully completed.



  • Synthesizing, defining, and outlining the roles of entrepreneurship.
  • Comparing and contrasting various business models and the importance of strategy.
  • Applying SWOT Analysis to assess internal and external market forces
  • Appraising industry market analysis and its importance in competition and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Understanding each of the business functions (marketing, financial, legal, management, human resources, etc.)
  • Identifying the different types of legal entities and their advantages or disadvantages in starting a new venture.
  • Defining franchising and discovering the various types of franchising.
  • Understanding various negotiating tactics and how to effectively implement these in a negotiation setting.
  • Assessing business strategies and developing an effective strategy that implements business ethics and social responsibility.

Course Syllabi

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