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The course presents the logical development of various types of documents currently used in business.  The course emphasizes the basic writing tasks common to most business applications.


PREREQUISITE: Six hours of composition.

Recommended: COM4441



  • Evaluating different types of readers and determining how their needs relate to written communication.
  • Developing effective pre-writing skills, including identifying the purpose of the document, brainstorming for information, and designing a workable outline.
  • Using headings, subheadings, white space, and bulleted and enumerated lists to make a document easier to read.
  • Constructing tables and figures to be included in business documents.
  • Developing graphics to be included in manuals and electronic presentations.
  • Editing documents for content, organization, consistency, grammar and syntax.
  • Writing job application materials, including the reverse chronological, functional, targeted, and electronic resumes, and the letter of application.
  • Writing specific types of business letters, including letters of application, inquiry, complaint, credit, sales, and good will.
  • Writing procedures for business purposes, in hard copy and electronically.
  • Writing an informal report in memorandum format.
  • Compiling a portfolio of documents which indicate the qualities of professional writing.
  • Editing and submitting assignments based on the instructional criteria and attention to detail.
  • Writing procedures for analyzing a process.
  • Analyzing the ethical responsibilities involved in technical communication.
  • Editing for appropriate style, including attention to word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Locating, evaluating, and incorporating pertinent information.
  • Recognizing, analyzing, and accommodating diverse audiences.

Course Syllabi

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