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The course presents issues related to the ways individuals and organizations represent themselves to their respective publics. Public relations is a communication function within the organization which influences internal and external audiences.



  • Defining public relations as a communication function within an organization.
  • Describing the art and science of Public Relations.
  • Listing and discussing the different kinds of PR research.
  • Researching PR audiences and issues using technical and critical thinking skills.
  • Identifying key issues that affect specific diverse audiences.
  • Summarizing the legal, ethical, and moral considerations inherent in public relations.
  • Discussing how management affects the public relations of a company.
  • Listing and describing public relations tools.
  • Listing and describing organizational publics such as government, media, internal publics, community groups, special interests, etc.
  • Considering the values and opinions of the various publics when designing public relations positions and programs that are persuasive.
  • Discussing the role of Public Relations in government.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the various media for influencing publics.
  • Determining the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of media.
  • Using effective business writing skills to compose a news release.
  • Creating an effective radio announcement to influence a public.
  • Using critical thinking skills to plan and to design a fund raising event.
  • Analyzing a crisis and developing a message which would build the image of an organization of a person.
  • Determining the goal, the theme, and the media for a persuasive campaign.
  • Developing a code of ethics to guide a PR career.

Course Syllabi

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